To Foster and Encourage Youth Recreational Football and CheerleadingTo Assist and Promote the Physical and Intellectual Developments of our YouthTo Provide a Structure for Inter-Town CompetitionTo Promote Sportsmanship, Fair Play, Wholesome Pa

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Communications from RHYFC to parents and caregivers is done primarily through email, text, and Facebook. Make sure you register on and "like" RHYFC on Facebook to receive the latest updates and announcements throughout the year.


  • Click on "Join Our Mailing List" and enter your name and email address.
  • Click on "Edit My Account" and enter just your email address and click "Submit", your new password will be emailed to you momentarily.
  • Once you have received your new password, you can now login to and edit your account info including adding additional family members. linking your child to the appropriate team, and chaning your password.


  • If you have registered on previously and do not remember your password, go to "Edit My Account" and enter your email address only. Click "Submit" and your password will be emailed to you shortly.
  • If you have tried step one and you are getting the error (PROBLEM: The email address wasn't found in our database or wasn't associated with an adult's record) check the spelling of the email and try again. If you are still getting the error it may be because you have changed your email. Click to email your request for your previous email and password info. Your previous email and password info will be emailed to you within 24 hours in order to login. You will then be able to edit your info.


if you are still having problems please send an email to .